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… and an FFT in Standard ML

While writing my earlier post on Javascript FFTs, I also (for fun) adapted the Nayuki FFT code into Standard ML. You can find it here.

The original idea was to see how performance of SML compiled to native code, and SML compiled to Javascript using smltojs, compared with the previously-tested Javascript implementations and with any other SML versions I could find. (There’s FFT and DFT code from Rory McGuire here, probably written for clarity rather than speed, plus versions I haven’t tried in the SML/NJ and MLKit test libraries.)

I didn’t get as far as doing a real comparison, but I did note that it ran at more or less the same speed when compiled natively with MLton as the Javascript version does when run in Firefox, and that compiling to JS with smltojs produced much slower code. I haven’t checked where the overhead lies.