The Verge: Apple announces next-generation 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display (nice URL, by the way).

Obligatory grump: Pity it’s not a 4:3 aspect ratio

More rational grump: How come nobody else has been able to do this? I’m not the only person to have been waiting for a machine with a screen like this—and for many years now. It’s not as if Apple even make the screens!

I’m guessing (correct me please?) that in OS/X, this screen will be addressed as a grid of 2×2 pixel squares at an effective 1440×900 with fonts and graphic assets scaled at the native screen resolution.

Would it be safe to assume that Linux running on one of these will simply get the native resolution?

If so, I might even…

No, I wouldn’t buy one—not with my own money.  Too expensive for a machine I have problems with the rest of the design of. But maybe it’s not unreasonable to hope other companies might finally get off their stupid, lazy arses and at the very least get around to copying that screen. Sony, help us out here.

And despite my ob. grump above, much credit to Apple for sticking with a 16:10 resolution even at this sort of scale, instead of going for 16:9.