At last, a PC with a decent screen resolution

Pity it’s so small!

I’ve been longing to see a resolution as good as 2048×1536 on a flat-panel 14″ laptop or 19″ desktop screen. Clearly it was possible, but it never arrived.

Perhaps that’s because the one company that seems to take an interest in these things nowadays (Apple) has a desktop operating system that won’t let you change the font size.

So there’s never been much point in their making a screen with such a high resolution, because you wouldn’t be able to read the text—unless the screen was huge… and a huge screen needs to be widescreen or else it’ll be too tall to scan by eye easily… and so here we are, surrounded by rubbish monitors. Hey ho.

No, the last time anything at all comparable was available, it looked like this:This 19″ screen, from about a decade ago, managed 1920×1440. That’s looking pretty good by now.