New 1.2 release of EasyMercurial

At the SoundSoftware project we’ve just released a new version of EasyMercurial, our user interface for the Mercurial version control system.

This release has one change that I think is quite interesting—we’ve removed one of the five big buttons that used to occupy the main toolbar. It turned out that the meaning of the “Refresh” button wasn’t anywhere near as clear to users as we had foolishly imagined it to be during development. Our article about the release explains in a bit more detail what the problem is and what we did about it.

This is one advantage of having a constantly-shifting population of fairly autonomous users around you, as you do in a university research lab. Although our users don’t always have the time to test much, we do get a fairly broad range of use cases being tested. Working out how to act on the feedback we get is the hard bit!

(One exception, though, is that we have relatively few in-house users running EasyMercurial on Windows. So if you’re a Windows user, your feedback is especially valuable.)