Computers that are Televisions

This could be bad news for games consoles

Rumours abounding (nice example here from John Gruber) that Apple may be about to announce an updated Apple TV operating system with apps support, possibly integrated into an Apple-branded TV set rather than being available only as a separate box as at present.

(How would you control it? Through a separate iOS device like an iPad?)

This sounds potentially very bad for the traditional games console, a market that seems to be already waning.

If I could only have one secretive, obsessively proprietary company making integrated hardware and software products, with a history of approaching product design a bit differently from its competition, of favouring customer pleasure over technical advantage, and of treating third-party developers in unpredictable and capricious ways… I’d choose Nintendo rather than Apple.

But Nintendo don’t really seem to know what to do at the moment. A pity.